Changes for Fall 2020

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The CPYVL will be changing it up a bit starting with our Fall 2020 season.

  1. Separate divisions for 5th grade girls rec and 6th grade girls rec.  This might result in a bit more travel but will allow our member organizations to keep similiarly skilled kids together.  We realize that not all organizations will have enough kids to have a separate 5th grade and 6th grade team.  Teams that have both 5th and 6th graders must play in the 6th grade division (if you have a compelling reason that a mixed team should play in the 5th grade division, please contact us BEFORE you register the team).
  2. Boys divisions!  Cancelled due to COVID-19.  We will offer this in future seasons.  We will offer a 5th/6th grade combined boys recreational division.  We have heard from at least 4 organizations that plan on offering this option for their communities.  In order to help get this off the ground, we will also allow multiple organizations to combine to create a single boys team if that is what it takes.  Please contact the league for more information.  4th grade boys are also welcome on 5th/6th grade teams if that helps get a full team together.
  3. Fees will be raised to $95/team starting in Fall 2020.  This is the first time we have raised fees and we should be able to keep fees at $95 for the foreseeable future.