Fall League Information

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As we close out the spring season, here is information about our Fall 2019 season.  An email was sent to all coordinators on July 17th with information about the upcoming season.

  1. 10 match, 6 week season beginning on September 6th and ending on October 13th
  2. Post-season single elimination tournament on October 19/20.  Each bracket will be played at a single site on a single day.
  3. Recreational divisions for 3rd-8th grades as well as a 5th/6th athletic divisions
  4. NEW ... A and B divisions for 5th/6th grade athletic.  If your team was .500 or above in the single athletic division last year, please consider the A division
  5. NEW ... upper division for 3rd/4th grade for teams that are either built via tryout or have historically been more competitive than a typical rec team
  6. Geographic pod scheduling for all recreational divisions
  7. Single referee per match at a cost of $13 per team
  8. Each team must provide a lines person for each game

Here are some key pre-season dates:

  • August 1 - Registration Opens (teams can be registered, gym availability and team conflicts should be entered)
  • August 15 - Registration Closes
  • August 27-28 - Coordinator Schedule Review
  • August 30 - Schedule Released
  • August 30 - Rosters and Liability Waivers Due


Changes agreed upon at our May member meeting.  Any of these that affect existing rules will be updated in the rules document before the start of the Fall 2019 season:

  1. There will no longer be playing time requirements for 7th/8th graders.  Playing time rules stay the same for 3rd-6th grades.
  2. We will offer an A and B division for 5th/6th grade athletic teams in both the fall and spring.  This should encourage more participants to play in B and provide flexibility to move teams between A and B for the tournament based on how they did during the regular season.  If your team was .500 or above last fall in the athletic division and is coming back, please register them in the A division.
  3. Players in all grades can drop the ball once per serve, not once per rotation as per the current rule.
  4. 4th grade boys can now play in the 3rd/4th grade division.  To clarify, teams can have up to 2 boys on their roster and they can play at their grade level.  3rd-5th grade boys only can play in the league.
  5. We will offer an upper division for 3rd/4th grade and we will schedule it if we get 6 teams to register in that division.  We will be reaching out to teams that were 10-0, 9-1 last season who are returning to that division this fall to encourage them to play tougher competition.
  6. We will try an experimental high school league (girls only) in the spring.  We need 6 teams to make this happen.  Please socialize this in your community and see if we can make this happen.  White Oak, Oak Hills, and Sharonville will be entering teams in this league.