League Plan for Boys Divisions

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As we discussed at our member meeting on January 22nd, we will be offering a 5th/6th combined grade recreational division for boys beginning with the Fall 2020 season. These will be all boys teams and play against all boys teams. 4th grade boys are welcome on these teams if necessary to fill out a team. We are also encouraging our league members who have boys interested in playing but not enough to form a team, to reach out to neighboring communities to see if they are in the same situation. We will allow teams to be made up of players from multiple communities as we launch this new division.

Here is our two-year plan for boys divisions:

  1. Fall 2020:  5th/6th boys recreational division (communities can combine to create a single team)
  2. Spring 2021: same as Fall 2020
  3. Fall 2021: Continue to offer 5th/6th boys recreational but also offer 3rd/4th and 7th/8th boys recreational divisions.  Boys will no longer be allowed to play on girls teams.
  4. Spring 2022:  same as Fall 2021

We do not anticipate any rules changes for boys divisions other than removing the caveat that boys can play on girls teams in the Fall of 2021.