Tournament Schedule Now Available

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The tournament schedule has been released!  Please check the brackets to determine your schedule for tournament weekend.  All match times are final.  Tournament schedule is also available from the Schedule menu.

Here are a few notes about the tournament:

  1. Seeding and bracket assignment were done mostly by winning percentage, but head-to-head and RPI are used in combination to break ties between teams with identical records.  These are based on regular season results that were reported as of 10pm on Sunday, October 15th.  Any scores reported or changed after that time may NOT taken into consideration.
  2. Forfeits wins/losses are generally not taken into consideration when seeding as they don't provide helpful information to determine strength of a team.
  3. Some seeds were slightly altered to avoid first round matchups between teams in the same organization or pod (for rec divisions)
  4. Coordinators, please check your gym schedule.  Some changes have been made since the preliminary gym assignments were shared last week.
  5. Individual medals are awarded to all players on the 1st and 2nd place team in each bracket
  6. Ben will be in touch with organizations hosting championship matches to disburse the medals.

Coaches, please note that as during the regular season, you must pay the referee (same rate as regular season) and provide one line judge.  If the tournament host does not provide a scoreboard operator, the home team should provide someone to perform this duty.

As a reminder, tournament matches end after one team wins two sets so if a team wins the first two sets, a third set is NOT played.  Please keep this in mind in regards to playing time rules.

Check out the links below.  You can also access this tournament information from the Tournament option on the Schedule menu.  An easy way to find which bracket your team is playing in is to go to the Find My Bracket link and enter the last name of your coach.

Find My Bracket  Physical Bracket  Schedule by Bracket  Schedule by Gym